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Hematology, Transfusion and Cell Therapy is a quarterly scientific publication of the Associação Brasileira de Hematologia, Hemoterapia e Terapia Celular (ABHH), Associazione Italo-Brasiliana di Ematologia (AIBE), Eurasian Hematology Oncology Group (EHOG), and Sociedade Brasileira de Oncologia Pediátrica (SOBOPE).

Hematology, Transfusion and Cell Therapy publishes original articles, review articles and case reports covering various areas in the field of hematology and hemotherapy. The journal was previously published, until 2016, as Revista Brasileira de Hematologia e Hemoterapia.

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Vol. 46. Issue 2.
Pages 111-218 (Abril - Junho 2024)
Are we securing our future workforce of physician-scientists in hematology?
João Vitor Facco, Erich V. De Paula
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:111-2
Full text access
Original articles
Clinical and cytogenetic profile of Fanconi anemia diagnosed after implementation of mitomycin C cytogenetic test in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil
Maria Luiza Rocha da Rosa Borges, João Lucas Cruz Souza, Luiz Henrique Rodrigues, Maria Teresa Marquim Nogueira Cornélio, Ana Claudia dos Anjos, Neide Santos, Terezinha de Jesus Marques Salles
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:113-8
Full text access
Evaluation of survival and functionality in frozen platelets
Jhon Alexander Avila Rueda, Jose Acosta, Oscar Rabinovich, José Ceresetto, Glenda Ernst, Cristina Duboscq
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:119-24
Full text access
Evaluation of the knowledge of hematologists about the management of infectious complications in hematologic patients
Mariana Guarana, Marcio Nucci
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:125-30
Full text access
Translation and cultural adaptation of the Health Utilities Preschool to Brazilian Portuguese
Karina Viani, Bruno Fernandes Bernardes, Marilia Nasz Veiga, Renato Canton Viani, Tomas Marzagão Barbuto, Ronald D. Barr
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:131-6
Full text access
Application of the Central Nervous System International Prognostic Index (CNS-IPI) score in daily practice: a retrospective analysis apart from the clinical trial at two centers in Brazil
Thais Fischer, Natalia PC Zing, Sergio C. Fortier, Jayr Schmidt, Talita B. Silveira, Carlos S. Chiattone
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:137-45
Full text access
High PD-L1 expression is associated with unfavorable clinical features in myelodysplastic neoplasms
Leticia Rodrigues Sampaio, Mateus de Aguiar Viana, Vanessa Silva de Oliveira, Bruna Vitoriano Ferreira, Mayara Magna Lima Melo, Roberta Taiane Germano de Oliveira, Daniela de Paula Borges, Silvia Maria Meira Magalhãesa, Ronald F. Pinheiro
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:146-52
Full text access
COVID-19 in multiple myeloma patients: frequencies and risk factors for hospitalization, ventilatory support, intensive care admission and mortality –cooperative registry from the Grupo Brasileiro de Mieloma Multiplo (GBRAM)
Marcia Garnica, Edvan De Queiroz Crusoe, Glaciano Ribeiro, Rosane Bittencourt, Roberto José Pessoa Magalhães, Karla Richter Zanella, Abrahão Elias Hallack Neto, Juliana Souza Lima, ... Vania Hungria
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:153-60
Full text access
Real-world evidence of the burden of sickle cell disease: a 5-year longitudinal study at a Brazilian reference center
Gisele dos Santos Barros, Carla Vaneska Fernandes Leal, Lauro Augusto Caetano Leite, Denys Eiti Fujimoto, Rodolfo Delfini Cançado
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:161-6
Full text access
Clinical, laboratory, and molecular characteristics of a cohort of children with hemoglobinopathy S/beta-thalassemia
Érica Louback Oliveira, André Rolim Belisário, Natiely Pereira Silva, Paulo Val Rezende, Maristela Braga Muniz, Larissa Maira Moura Oliveira, Cibele Velloso-Rodrigues, Marcos Borato Viana
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:167-75
Full text access
Extracellular vesicles are a late marker of inflammation, hypercoagulability and COVID-19 severity
Bárbara Gomes Barion, Tania Rubia Flores da Rocha, Yeh-Li Ho, Bruna de Moraes Mazetto Fonseca, Erica Okazaki, Cynthia Rothschild, Bianca Stefanello, Vanderson Geraldo Rocha, ... Fernanda A. Orsi
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:176-85
Full text access
Underreporting of transfusion incidents
Josiane Garcia, Anna Cecília Dias Maciel Carneiro, Sheila Soares Silva, Karla Fabiana Nunes da Silva, Joilson Meneguci, Helio Moraes-Souza
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:186-91
Full text access
Review articles
All about blinatumomab: the bispecific T cell engager immunotherapy for B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Reza Mirfakhraie, Bentolhoda Kuhestani Dehaghi, Mahmoud Dehghani Ghorbi, Haniyeh Ghaffari-Nazari, Mozhdeh Mohammadian, Maryam Salimi, Maria Tavakoli Ardakani, Sayeh Parkhideh
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:192-200
Full text access
Case reports
Cholecystectomy in a man with hemophilia A and inhibitor on emicizumab prophylaxis: A case report
Paula Cella Giacometto, Marcello Tortelli Bavaresco, Juliana Alvares-Teodoro, Ricardo Mesquita Camelo
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:201-4
Full text access
Concomitant monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis (MBL) and CD5/CD10 mature B-cell neoplasm
Daniel Mazza Matos
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:205-7
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Special content
Special Content
Images in clinical hematology
Challenging the morphologist: IgM multiple myeloma with lymphoplasmocytic morphology
Verónica Roldán Galiacho, Javier Arzuaga Mendez, Laura Aranguren del Castillo
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:208-9
Full text access
Infectious mononucleosis by Epstein-Barr virus: A complete laboratory picture
Marco P.Barros Pinto
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:210-1
Full text access
Letters to the editor
Hemorrhagic code protocol, a successful case in the patient blood management model for patients with severe hemorrhages
João Carlos de Campos Guerra, Michele Jaures, Roseny dos Reis Rodrigues, Adriana Serra Cypriano, Daniel Tavares Malheiro, Anna Carolina Batista Dantas, Fernanda Paulino Fernandes, Neila Maria Marques Negrini, Vanessa Damazio Teich
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:212-4
Full text access
REALM study: A retrospective evaluation of treatment patterns in patients with mantle cell lymphoma in a routine single private practice in Brazil
Marcelo Bellesso, Alice Bianco, Rodrigo Santucci, Renato Torrescasana Centrone, Iohanã Gabriely Costa Oliveira, Adelson Alves
Hematol Transfus Cell Ther. 2024;46:215-7
Full text access
Hematology, Transfusion and Cell Therapy